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Male, Age 68 years, economically well, socially active, fitness level high.

Knowledgeable about medical issues and regularly went to doctors for consultation

Knowledge about patients rights- no

Benefits and meaning of hospital accreditation- no 

Choice of doctor and hospital: referral from highly informed people.


  • Why was patient not given option of treatment like Only surgery? No grafting? Or grafting later?
  • CT now , and then when the tumour reduced , we could do surgery?
  • Only surgery and RT and CT?
  • Most important – in spite of repeated complaints and more than regular visits , DENTISTS IGNORED THE CANCER OPTION AND DELAYED THE DIAGNOSIS .
      • Learnings and Suggestions

      • When any symptoms persists for over six months time - or any designated time period, - a compulsory test for cancer / TB/ Aids or similar illness, should be done . 
      • Should there be a compulsory cooling off period between diagnosis and treatment ? 
      • Should there be a second opinion for major ailments, within a)The hospital and between different departments or b) Intra-department? 
      • Create a patient registry of consenting patients / family, who act like an information sharing - support group. This group could help a new patient by sharing different experiences