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Patient Story On Delayed Diagnosis. (2019-20). 

History And Diagnosis

Male, Age 68 Years, Economically Well Off, Socially Active, Fitness Level High. History Of Over 25 Years-Hypertension, With Type 2-Diabetes For 7 Years Symptoms Of Dental Problems, Pain , Ulcers, Inflammation And Receding Gum Lines And Bone Erosion In Teeth Persisted For Two Years. No Dentist Thought Of Checking Cancer , They Continued To Prescribe Pain Killers And Change /Implant/, Add/ Remove Teeth. Until It Was Too Late. And Finally It Was Diagnosed As Mandibular Cancer Of The Jaw In Advanced Stage Iv.

Medical Journey After Diagnosis

The Onco -Surgeons Advised Immediate Surgery Followed By Grafting Of Muscle And Bone Tissue From Fibula, Ail In The Same Operation.
Patient Proceeded To Do Just That. After The Operation They Advised 30 Rt And 6 Adjuvant Ct Sessions- They Had Not Said This Earlier , It Was S.T. Histo-Pathology Findings During Surgery.
Patient Did That Also.
The Disease Grew Aggressively And The Rt Doctor Said The Radiation Could Not Reach The Deep Tissue Because Of The Grafting.
The Tumour Went Out Of Hand In A Matter Of 4 Months, And A Life Was Lost.


  • Why Was Patient Not Given Option Of Treatment Like Only Surgery? No Grafting? Or Grafting Later?
  • Ct Now , And Then When The Tumour Reduced , We Could Do Surgery?
  • Only Surgery And Rt And Ct?
  • Most Important – In Spite Of Repeated Complaints And More Than Regular Visits , Dentists Ignored The Cancer Option And Delayed The Diagnosis .

Learnings And Suggestions

  • When Any Symptoms Persists For Over Six Months’ Time - Or Any Designated Time Period, - A Compulsory Test For Cancer / Tb/ Aids Or Similar Illness, Should Be Done .
  • Should There Be A Compulsory Cooling Off Period Between Diagnosis And Treatment ?
  • Should There Be A Second Opinion For Major Ailments, Within A)The Hospital And Between Different departments Or B) Intra-Department?
  • Create A patient Registry of Consenting Patients / Family, Who Act Like An Information Sharing - Support Group. This Group Could Help A New Patient By Sharing Different Experiences