Corona Care

Learning- The regulations put in by Government agencies are useful and we as patients need to follow the protocol

In November 2021, I along with my daughter and grand- daughter contracted corono. We suffered fever, sore throat and body ache, loss of smell and taste. The after effects of fatigue are still prevalent in case of my daughter after 8 months and counting..

As soon as the covid test was found to be positive, the message not only reached us – who had undergone the test, but it also reached the DM office. Immediately we were inundated with calls from the DM office, Covid 19 department, asking us to isolate ourselves, cut off all physical contact with outside world, and we were imprisoned in our own house. They traced our whereabouts in the days preceding the illness., such as travel history, contact with others. 

Proactive action to curtail the spread and breaking the chain of infection

Two guards (Delhi Civil Defense) were stationed outside our house, night and day, and no one was allowed entry into our main door.

Medicines, Supplies, and Food which our friends sent, was delivered and kept outside on a separate table. There is a station for sanitizing hands on this table.

Our domestic staff was not allowed to enter the house.

They called us every single day for 14 days, supervised our health by telephone, and ensured that we followed the safety protocol.

On two instances, when we did not answer the phone, an ambulance was deputed to our house to take us to the hospital, they feared our illness had taken a bad turn! With great difficulty we convinced them that we were fine. Even after the fever came down, even though we had tested negative, we were kept house bound for the length of two weeks.

Learnings and suggestions: 

 Patients should take cognizance of Government rules and keep the community safe.

Government should spread awareness about precautions, symptoms and cure amongst general publics.