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Patient Story Second Opinion

History And Diagnosis

2015. Male 55years, Economically Well Off, Socially Active. Good Knowledge About Medical Care , Regular Two Yearly Phc Ups Gastric Problems And Acidity For Over Ten Years, Liked To Eat Spicy And Hot Foods And Ignored Digestion Problems And Overall Health. Diagnosed With Cancer, Caught In Early Stages, accidentally in An Endoscopy. In Spite Of Symptoms Persisting For Ten Years No One Thought Of Cancer Tests.


was First Advised To Remove The Entire Large Intestine , But A Second Opinion Refuted This Suggestion. Conducted Surgery And Made Life Style Changes. Medication Continued For A Long Time After Surgery. Developed Hernia Within 2-3 Months. Later Got It Removed After 3 Years. patient Is Fine Now.


  • Doctors Gave Wrong Advice To Make Money - Patient Approached Another Doctor Who Suggested Removal Of Entire Large Intestine! Second Opinion Refuted This Suggestion.
  • Surgery Took 5 Hours Instead Of 1.5 Hours As Informed To The Patient, This Made The Family Worried
  • Stitches Opened Up And Led To Hernia . Doctors Said This Is Common Amongst 2-3% Of Patients . No One Informed Or Cautioned Patient Of Such A Possibility Earlier.
  • Senior Doctors Try To Cover Up Errors Of Their Team
  • Over Medication, No One Explained How Long Medicines Will Go On, Doctor Kept Prescribing Medicines Until Patient Got Fed Up And Took Second Opinion.
  • Finally It Was Self -Awareness And Lifestyle Changes That Kept The Person Healthy And Safe.

Learnings And Suggestions

  • Better Communication Between Patients And Doctor
  • Take A Second Opinion For Surgery
  • Get Involved In Your Own Care!
  • Take Care Of Yourself!! Make Correct Lifestyle Choices.